Friday, October 1, 2010

Hubert and his 78 or 83 Mouths

Hubert the Unemployment Bunny is down in the dumps after today's unemployment report. We're stuck at 9.6% unemployment after 20 months of Hope and Change Government Hocus Pocus.

"Patriot," he's asking me, " I'm worried. I have 78 mouths to feed. Or is it 83? They all run together. It's a hell of a lot. Anyway, what's the government going to do? Keep pouring money down a rat hole?"

That would probably be precisely the case, Hubert. The president and his staff are a bunch of Ivory Tower leftists with not a whit of business experience among them. But fortunately for you and your scores of little mouths, the president and his crew are going to get mauled on 11/2. There just might be some real hope and change on the way.

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