Friday, March 5, 2010

Being defined by a negative

I see the president is visiting a small business in VA today. Pushing 'clean jobs.' What's the first thing to come to my mind? That he seems to care far, far, far more about 'transforming America' with a radical Congress on health care and environmental issues than he does about seriously slashing unemployment.

This is a big problem for him. I think a LOT of people feel this way, given how far he has dropped in the polls the last 6-8 months.

Obama has come to be identified largely by a negative stereotype - radical who doesn't care about the recession.

Just as Bush, right or wrong, came to be identified with an unpopular war.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diane Sawyer and Active Avoidance

Briefly clicked past Diane Sawyer reading the news on CBS tonight. First time I've seen a regular evening news broadcast in years.

I don't merely not watch mainstream news because it does not interest me. I make an active, conscious choice not to watch it to punish those behind it Why? Because I feel they have a lack of respect or outright contempt for many of the views of regular Americans.

Their contempt for us is a major reason why they are circling the toilet bowl in the Neilsons.

Mainstream journalists should be aware that their contempt for their audience makes millions of people ACTIVELY avoid their garbage sold as 'news' to punish them. Maybe they should at least pretend to have respect for limited government, tea party people etc?

I'm More Likely to Become a Ballerina Than For Obamacare to Pass by Reconciliation

People who just catch snippets of news -- a headline here, a brief TV report there -- might think that there is some momentum behind the push to pass Obamacare by reconciliation. It's an illusion. Our DC leaders may well be dumb as a bag of hammers but they understand the media. Throw a few confident-sounding quotes into the media every day and maybe people who aren't paying attention will think this thing is going to pass.

It isn't. They don't have the votes. The bill is dead. They just don't know it yet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

People wearing Che t-shirts should be publicly humiliated

Warren Buffet says Obamacare needs to be redone and focused on cutting costs above all else. Debt is damaging the economy.

It's becoming fashionable to say America will never be the economic top dog again. China is where it's at, some say. I don't believe this. I strongly believe the freedom and values of the American people make us the best economic engine on earth.

But our leaders are grotesquely failing us in Washington. Spending and entitlements need to be dealt with. Soon. And the last thing we need is another $1 trillion+ entitlement paid for with borrowed money.