Friday, November 5, 2010

I noticed something amazing recently.

I was at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) for parents' day, my daughter is a 2nd classman 1st Sgt there.

Anyway, the whole Corps was marching down from Barracks to the stadium for the football game, down the street which they stop to traffic for 10 minutes, and into the stadium. Then the band played the star spangled banner.

A bunch of loud, silly teenagers were walking past me towards the stadium. You know how boys and girls are at this age -- loud, cutting up, showing off for each other. Trying to outcool each other.

But in the midst of that adolescent silliness, 2-3 of them heard the national anthem being played. And they motioned to the other 5-6 to stop, be quiet and remove their hats.

Once the anthem was over, they continued their sillness and cutting up.

It almost made me want to cry. I have been so worried, so alarmed, about where this country is going the last few years. I worry that the nation is going to disentigrate and never again will be great.

Then I saw these kids engage in a spontaneous act of patriotism and it gave me chills. Kinda like I get when I hear the Neil Diamond song America. That's right. I love that song. I love this loud, brash, wonderful, patriotic country.

Maybe we're going to be alright.

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