Friday, October 1, 2010

Why the Golden Age of 100% Government Run Health Care Will Fizzle

The Golden Age of 100% Government Run Health Care will never be.

That'd be because Americans are not the French. Or the Germans. Or the Swedes. We kick ass. We are not going lie down and allow the government health care freight train to run us over.

You see the evil black pistol at above left? That is a Glock 28, in .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. That little beauty I strap on my left hip every time I ride my bike.

I ride a long way. Often 30-40 miles out in the sticks. When you get that far out, bad things can happen. Dogs attack. Asshole drivers run you off the road. Prick teenagers shoot you with pellet guns. Being a good ole American, I don't take kindly to being victimized. In fact, it pretty darn well pisses me the hell off. So I carry a lovely little firearm just in case the world turns unpleasant.

Not too many Europeans would ever consider being in the same zip code as a Glock. It's second nature for many Americans. We don't much appreciate being victimized, trampled upon, or, say, having the Golden Age of 100% Government Run Health Care crammed down our gullets. We are gonna fight this tooth and nail. And ugly it is going to get. Good. Ugly we Yanks can handle.


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